Ayvalık - Turkey

About Kydonia House

Kydonia House is located in the heart of Ayvalık. It is decorated very cosy and warm. Everything is thought and designed for our guests. You will feel very special as soon as enter the house and never want to go away from Kydonia.

About Ayvalık

Ayvalık, where health-giving olives grow in abundance, is ready to share its age-old traditions and vibrant cultural present with you. Cunda Ireland (Alibey Adası) The natural beauty and cultural heritage of Cunda Island are cherished and assiduously maintained by its people. A causeway connects Ayvalık to Cunda Island, but maritime-minded visitors might enjoy a trip on one of the boats that ply the sound. The unique and friendly atmosphere of the island instantly surrounds you. As you approach the historical parts of Alibey Island you come face to face with a truly rich cultural heritage.

Town Tour

About 1900 protected architectural structures adorn the neighbourhoods of Ayvalık, which wrapped up in the sea and the islands of the archipelago. This special destination is truly an open air museum. Walking arround is must.

Culturel Activities

It is impossible to imagine Ayvalık without its sanctuaries. Saatli Mosque (Hagios Ioannis Church), Çınarlı Mosque (Hagios Georgios Church), Hamidiye Mosque, Hayrettin Pasha Mosque (Kato Panagia Church), Küçükköy Central Mosque (Hagios Athanasios Church), Taxiarchis Church, Ayazma (Holy Water) Church, Hagios Triada (Holy Trinity) Church are just some them…

The Devil's Table

It is one of the best vantage points of Ayvalık. The hill, which is perched over the Çamlık Forestry Camp, is an old lava cone, and the hilltop, which is flat, resembles the traditional, low, round dining tables of the region. Some believe that an imprint on the rock, now covered with an iron cage, is the footprint of the Devil. The Devil’s Table has a panoramic view over the Ayvalık archipelago, looking down on sounds and coves covered with pine forests. To eat dinner at the hilltop restaurant and enjoy a long drink while watching the sunset is a privilege.

Holiday Heaven

The beaches of Ayvalık offer visitors several ways to enjoy a holiday of sea, sun and sand. The most notable beach is the Sarımsaklı Beach, which is renowned for sands that do not stick to the body. Bamboo beach bars and coastal restaurants serving fresh juices and the local cuisine let visitors have a nice break from sea and sun.

Ayvalık Cuisine

Olive Oil, Cheese, Ayvalık Toast, Fresh and delicious Fishes and Raki and more...The Ayvalık Cuisine falls within the best traditions of the Aegean Cuisine, and the most valuable ingredient of the cuisine is olive oil. Fresh seafood, dishes prepared using locally grown herbs and vegetable dishes prepared with olive oil satisfy even the most demanding plates.


50€ / per night (weekdays)
60€ / per night (weekends)